Liquor Curious

you’re a curious person, and you’ve always thought liquor was pretty cool, but the spirits world is hard to navigate! What’s the difference between a vodka and a brandy? Why do I have to buy everything from an ABC store? And what is up with this “proof” measurement - it’s just 2x the alcohol percentage…I don’t want to do math when I drink.

Lucky for you, Windsor Run sits in the former bootleg capital of the country, and these days everything is legal. So go ahead, take a sip.

Saturday 12/11


Spend your morning on google, learning about the history of moonshine in North Carolina. Did you know that NASCAR traces its roots back to NC moonshiners outrunning the law? Those cars must have run on some high-proof stuff. Speaking of cars, you should assign a DD for today, there’s a lot of liquor in your future.



Make your way to the WRC Distillery in time for our 11am tour and tasting (tours 10am-4pm on the hour). In addition to exploring our winery, you’ll learn how we turn our humble grapes into premium spirits. We may use an old-school still, but you certainly won’t mistake these liquors for moonshine.



After finishing at the distillery, walk on up to Windsor Run’s tasting room and check out our fortified wines. If you like our wines, and you like our spirits, you should love the two put together! You get a fun little shot glass too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 9.33.41 PM.png


Drive over to the charming little town of North Wilkesboro for a late lunch at Elsewhere on 10th. Elsewhere serves an amazing small-plates lunch featuring local, farm fresh foods.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 9.33.41 PM.png


After lunch, head out to Copper Barrel Distillery to see the handiwork of master distiller Buck Nance. Buck, along with his business partner George Smith were the first to open a legal moonshine distillery in Wilkes County and continue to produce their spirits with 100% NC grains.



Finish your day at the Call Family Distillery to check out “The Bull”, a giant 2,100 gallon direct steam injection still. The Call family is the real deal - back in the 60s, moonshiner Willie Clay Call was known as “The Uncatchable” among the ATF agents tracking him down.