Instagram Influencer

you may not be Kendall Jenner, but you do have a respectable audience. You were the first of your friends to repost the Fyre orange tile, but lately you’ve been losing followers to an egg. It’s time to step up your gram game, so you head out to the Yadkin Valley for a day of wine and photography. But first, let me take a #selfie.

Saturday 6/20

11:00 am

Make your first stop at Windsor Run Cellars to start your day off right with a fortified tasting. While the bottles may be mini, the flavor sure isn’t, and if you think about it - a shorter bottle is easier to make a square photo with… Put away your phone for awhile to get to know your bartender, Mike, and maybe you can convince him to take some glamour shots for you (like this one of him)!!


12:00 pm

Sign yourselves up for the noon tour & tasting of our distillery: WRC Distillery. If you pay attention, you can gain a great appreciation of the kind of work required to turn raw grapes into premium spirits. Or, choose to sneak off and strike a pose next to some barrels like our legendary distiller Dana Acker - the choice is yours.


1:00 pm

Head down the road to Shadow Springs Vineyard for a nice wine and cheese lunch, or in this case, another photo-shoot. Shadow Springs carries a full line of Ashe County Cheese products, but clearly you should choose the Juusto because of its beautiful coloration. The cheese is also delicious and great to eat when you are all done.


2:00 pm

After you’re all finished with your “lunch”, grab yourself a glass of rosé (#roséallday), and venture out into nature. It’s time to go take the classic vineyard photo, and there’s no better place than Shadow Springs. The white and khaki look modeled by owners Chuck and Jamey is a solid choice, but these days it’s tough to stand out on Instagram, so maybe you should go with something bolder. Either way, slap on a filter, and this one’s gonna be a hit!