About Us

Left to right:  Kevin Elder (winemaker), Chuck Johnson (owner), Dana Acker (distiller)

Left to right:  Kevin Elder (winemaker), Chuck Johnson (owner), Dana Acker (distiller)


Windsor Run Cellars began in 2011 after Chuck and Jamey Johnson (owners of nearby Shadow Springs Vineyard) bought the former Buck Shoals Vineyard from the Crater family.  After some tasting room and branding renovations, Windsor Run was ready for its grand opening by the Spring of 2012 and has remained one of the Yadkin Valley's most popular vineyards ever since.

As with many other wineries in the Swan Creek AVA, Windsor Run's vineyard is rooted in old tobacco land, which has given the soil a hearty resilience and contributed to the vigorous growth of our grapevines.  But grapevines alone can't make a bottle of wine.  Our winery is an 18,000 square foot building devoted to producing the highest quality wine and spirits in all of North Carolina.  The facility has more than 30 large stainless steel tanks, countless barrels to age our wines, and two legal liquor stills, but those in the know will tell you the most valuable winery asset is its impressive speaker system - the secret driver of our creativity.  With all of this equipment, it would be a shame to only use it for ourselves, so Windsor Run produces wine for several other NC vineyards as well: Shadow Springs, Divine Llama, Belle Nicho, Point Lookout, and Brandon Hills.

Windsor Run Cellars aims to be a fun place to create memories with friends and family, playfully embracing our history while growing high quality, easy to drink wines just a short drive north of Charlotte (or west of Winston-Salem).  With that said, we invite you to come check us out in person and see for yourself what all the buzz is about!